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The topics of HSLA Steels 2022 is made up of, but is not limited to:

A. Physical Metallurgy

-- Alloy Design               

-- Mechanism of Strengthening, Plasticity and Toughening

-- Big data, Simulation and Modeling

B. Products for Automotive, Infrastructure and Maritime Industry

-- Plates and Strips  

-- Long Products

-- Cast and Forged Steels

C. Performance, Safety and Application

-- Formability and Weldability   

-- Hydrogen Embrittlement and Corrosion Resistance

-- Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

D. Process Technologies for High Quality

-- Steelmaking, Secondary Refining and Continuous Casting   

-- TMCP and Heat Treatment

-- TSCR, Endless Rolling, Strip Casting

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Important Dates

Conference Date:

November 9-11, 2022